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Fun with the Armory: Everyone's a little bit racist


Mallory has an issue with one of the ranked arena teams, Kool Kids Klub. Because the initials of the guild are spelled KKK, she believes the guild is openly racist. Which really only works if you assume that so is Krusty the Klown. I can't exactly picture real-life KKK members sitting down to form an organized racist arena team in WOW. Plus, as several people pointed out, arguing about racism in an arena where you kill characters because they're of a different race is weird.

But the interesting thing in the thread isn't about the Kool Kids Klub. Rather, it's how many really ridiculous character, guild and arena team names fall below the radar. Particularly bad are arena teams, which don't seem to have the same filter as character and guild names. Examples given in the thread include:

  • Nucken Figgers
  • Jew N Da Oven
  • Maybe Hitler Was Right
  • Muslimkilla
  • Jesus Had A Soulstone
  • I Survived Virginia Tech

Eh ... while I don't condone racism, most of these names are clearly done for shock value. And if they're actually racist, then that would just help anger their opponents. I know I'd fight harder against Maybe Hitler Was Right. If we have to ban something, can we ban the horribly overused guild/arena team names? I'd be happy if I'd never have to face another STDs are BOP, Naga Stole My Bike or Ihavecandy Getinthevan member ever.

What do you think about the naming policies of WOW? Do you think their should be stricter enforcement of naming rules, or should Blizzard let it be?

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