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Lionsgate is loving the Marketplace

Dustin Burg

With today's news of CMT and Logo jumping on the XBLM wagon, Lionsgate announced the success they're having with the Marketplace. Lionsgate is reporting that their library of fifteen movies on the XBLM have been rented a total of 150,000 times, which resulted in a 50% boost for their digital revenues. This is of course great news for not only movies studios and Microsoft, but for consumers too. As more and more movie studios see how successful the XBLM can be, they'll be more willing to sign up for the service, which will ultimately give consumers more variety.

We know all this Marketplace talk makes non-US residents boil with anger, but for those of you who have access to the content we ask; Are you embracing the XBLM with open arms or are you still a little leery about getting your feet wet?

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