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Rumor: Warhawk beta being hacked by rabid fans

Peter Vrabel

Invites to the Warhawk beta were limited, but that is apparently not stopping the most dedicated of fans from stopping in for a visit. The methods certainly scream fanboy, as they involve tweaking the PS3 linux code to such a degree that only those with copious amounts of patience and an undying love to taste the beta phase of Warhawk could withstand such an arduous process. A simple web search showed at least four variants of this method, some without the need for linux tweaking. Something tells us we're not so sure Incog. Inc would be flattered to see an increase in beta participants from unauthorized gamers at the closed beta event.

Without official word from Incog, there is no way to know if such hackers have had any affect on the beta phase of the project. These guys have enough on their hands with working out the kinks in multiplayer, without having to police their invite-only event. Lest any such intrusive action cause a further game delay, we issue a word of advice to all would-be hackers: stay out of the beta if you're not invited. Let those that were lucky enough to receive a beta invite continue to provide the devs feedback they need to make the final Warhawk experience the best it can be for the rest of us. We'll get our fill soon enough.

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