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Rumorong: Rein says Gears of War on PS3 is 'bull****'


Following rumors of Gears of War heading to the PS3, Epic Games came out with a statement shooting the whole thing down. Quite succinctly, Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games says, "This story is complete bull****. I emailed the site and asked them to take it down. We're very happy with our relationship with Microsoft. If it weren't for them Gears wouldn't be the huge hit it has become."

Mark Rein has said it before and he'll probably have to say it again. In conversations we've had with Rein here at Joystiq, he says that Epic is very happy with their Microsoft relationship. Do they disagree about marketplace transaction fees? Yes. But, like Rein has said in the past, it's Microsoft's store. Seriously, don't expect to see Gears on PS3.

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