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Speculation: TVPredictions sez RIP AppleTV

True confession time. I've never really gotten Philip Swann aka "Swanni", the guy over at who tries to forecast the TV industry. Today, TUAW reader Josh tipped us off that Swanni was predicting-i the end-i of the AppleTV-i, so I linked-i over to see what Swanni had to say.

Allison Moore writes that Apple TV is dead--but it just doesn't know it yet. Blaming poor retail sales (based on unnamed retail sources), Swanni predicts that Apple will pull the product off the market next year. To date, Apple has not released sales figures on Apple TV.

I think what Swanni misses (besides overlooking the new $399 160 GB Apple TVs now for sale) is the point that Apple TV has never actually fully launched. Until we see High Def content at the iTunes store and a way to link Apple TV to an affordable PVR solution, Apple TV just won't make full sense to the consumer. To date, Jobs has hinted at upcoming announcements for the content and third party vendors are only just now marrying their tuner lines into technology (like the Elgato Turbo.264 and the Miglia TVMax) that connects that content with Apple TV.

Is Apple TV dead? I just don't think so. I think Internet-sourced content is still in its infancy and that Apple is bold for jumping in so early and (at least for the moment) so confidently.

Thanks, Josh.

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