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Working for a spoiler-free Azeroth


If you've ever been really excited about a movie, TV show or book release, I suggest that you avoid playing WOW between the time that thing is released and the time you see/read it. Because if the past few years are anything to go by, there's always going to be some person yelling out the crucial plot points in trade channel.

Harry Potter, Spider-Man 3, the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies -- I've heard them all discussed, usually in all caps, the day after they came out. The only one I actually got spoiled for was Spider-Man, and that wasn't quite as big a deal. There was even a thread on the European forums mocking this trend that got up to double digits and included spoilers for virtually every video game, anime, movie, TV show and historical event ever. Remember, it was Earth all along! (Warning: read at your own risk.)

The only spoiler-worthy thing I'm into right now is the Sopranos. Unfortunately, because I don't have HBO, I don't see the episodes immediately and usually have to wait a day or so. And of course, there are people in my guild who do watch the Sopranos right away, including the guild's second-in-command who happens to live in my city and knows of my dilemma. So we get conversations like the following one on Sunday nights:

  • [Guild] Kid who is too young to be watching this anyway: Did anyone see the Sopranos tonight?
  • [Guild] Evil second-in-command: I did. Wow, that was such a great episode. What did you think?
  • [Guild] Me: Shut up. Shut up. I swear to God, if you guys spoil me for this episode I will /gquit and then I will drive over to your house and cut through your cable TV lines. And then I will stab you in the face.
  • [Guild] Kid who is too young to be watching this anyway: ...
  • [Guild] Evil second-in-command: With the traffic on the Beltline? You'll never make it.

I'm also definitely avoiding WOW around the time of the next Harry Potter book release, both because I don't want to be spoiled and because I'll be reading the book instead of playing.

Have you ever been inadvertently spoiled through WOW? Why do you think people enjoy posting spoilers?

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