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Camino 1.5

Scott McNulty

Mac users have a dizzying array of web broswers to choose from, which makes finding a favorite a tricky thing. My browser of choice has been Camino for a long, long time. It just looks like a Mac app, and it uses the Gecko rendering engine so I get all the goodness of FireFox (sans extentions which I don't use) and none of the ugly controls.

Camino 1.5 has just been released, and it is a very nice update indeed. New in this release is:

  • Spell checking using OS X's dictionary
  • Session restore - in case the broswer crashes, it stores all your open pages in a session which it offers to restore on launch (this is very handy)
  • Keychain compatibilty - use the same Keychain entries for both Safari and Camino
  • Full screen mode - because it is the new hotness in apps
  • Gecko rendering engine 1.8.1
All of this and more, for the low, low price of free. Camino 1.5 is available now.

Thanks, jimmy.

Update: I misread the 'Window Zoom' feature. The new feature resizes the Camino window to fit the content of the page it is displaying instead of taking up the whole screen (this is when you hit the green button on the menubar). My mistake.

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