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Guildwatch: Get me the board!

Mike Schramm

Watch your back, Shade of Aran! You're On Notice! This week's Word is "Ninja," but we've lots of all kinds of drama, downed, and recruiting news in today's Guildwatch, your weekly look at guild happenings around the realms.

Remember, if you've got tips for us, the address is Click the link below to read all the truthiness we could find this week.


  • Ninja Alert: Mage Easycheesy on Underbog need rolled on two Oblivion set pieces (with a Warlock in the party) and then split.
  • Guild Feud: Just like the Hatfields and the McCoys, or the Montagues and the Capulets (am I going over your heads with these references), apparently there is a long standing feud between Banished Elites and Conta Mariens on the Anvilmar server. Can't we all just get along? Wait, this is war? Oh, no, I guess we can't.
  • The GM of Crimson Blades on Terenas, we're told, is kicking players below level 40 "for no reason at all." Maybe he's just not down with having the lower levels around? Have you guys ever heard of a guild that said "get up or get out"?
  • The Alliance Defense Force on Jubei'Thos is going through some drama: a few of their core members and officers up and /gquit over differences between a few people who also happen to be RL friends. in the meantime, the other members of the guild have set up a social guild called V O L A T I L E, I guess as a place to hang out without the drama. Good thing, too: we're told Melzie, a guild superstar, is about to "drop her bundle and become a mother." Pregnancy and guild drama, all at the same time. Good times!
  • This tipster "never thought" he'd have a chance to appear in our Drama section, but now he has, so let this be a warning to you all! He logged in one day to find his guild, Vae Victus on Area 52, had disappeared! Now, he later talked to a guildie who said the guildleader and officers had disbanded the guild and merged with another one, taking the guild bank with them, but I prefer to believe there's been foul play afoot! Clearly, this guild was somehow kidnapped, and is probably being held in a back room somewhere in the jungles of Columbia. It happens! You too could have your guild be kidnapped by military rebels, thus allowing you to appear in GW's drama section-- so BEWARE!
  • An anonymous tipster sends us a whole slew of inside info on the guild situation on Ravencrest: Necessary Evil has merged with Divinus, Crit Happens is having a "wipefest" with Gruul's Lair and taking on smaller guilds to help out on SSC (but only taking people from those guilds that they "deem worthy"), and here's the wackiest rumor: Ancient Legion is apparently bragging on the forums that they've downed Gruul and Magtheridon, when our tipster says they've only ever cleared High King Maulgar. Interesting.
  • Another Ninja Alert: the rogue Takateru, formerly of Clan Moon Wolf on Gorefiend-A, apparently snuck into the guild's Kara instance up to the Chess Event and ganked all the gear for himself. Ouch-- and is it me, or does it seem like rogues ninja more than other classes? Maybe it's just RP for them?
  • Clan Slamdance of Garona-H dropped about half of Kara this week: Huntsman through Wizard of Oz, all the way up to Chess event. As they say, FOR THE HORDE!
  • Nameless of Executus-A dropped Magtheridon, even though he told them, "Away you mindless parasites! My blood is my own!" Yeah, you mindless parasites! Now, they're looking for some help in SSC if you're geared and interested.
  • Scotch and Soda from Whisperwind has just been making the endgame their... well, they've just been doing really well. They've had two groups finish Kara and a third on the way through, and they've downed Gruul as well.
  • The Silver Guard on Silver Hand-A dropped both Shade and Illhoof. Rock on!
  • Silence on Vekil'nash-A killed Vashj for a server first. Sweet. Video here. Hey, you guys know about that MMMMONSTER KILL-kill-kill thing from Unreal Tourney, right? Wouldn't it be great if every time you killed a boss for a server first, a booming voice went SSSSSSERVER FIRST-first-first? Wouldn't it?
  • Tag writes to tell us that Pieces of Eight on Perenolde-H dropped Aran, Illhoof, and the Prince last week, and just like me with my guild, he wasn't there to see it. Grats anyway, bud-- I feel your pain.
  • Unfinished Tale (winner of this week's Best Guild Name and Most Awesome Photoshop award) on Blackhand-A is rolling through Kara as well-- they've made it through the Big Bad Wolf, and have put the Curator On Notice, Stephen Colbert style (see above-- thanks for sending that guys, so cool).
  • Elysium of Suramar-A kilt Huntsman, Moroes, Maiden (hate her), and the Big Bad Wolf. Awesome!
  • Burning Twilight of Feathermoon-A dropped Shade of Aran for the second week in a row. Nice job.
  • Shadow Blade of Skywall is rolling Karazhan as well-- they've cleared through Shade. Well, their Team 2 has-- apparently their Team 1 is still working on Illhoof and Shade, while Team 2 has gotten the Prince to 52%.
  • Outlaws Torn on Emerald Dream EU is recruiting all classes, especially priests and mages. Contact Rocknroll ingame for the deets.
  • We said The Pride was recruiting last week, and this week they're still recruiting all manner of players, and they want you to know they're on the Bronzebeard server. Maybe next week they'll tell you what faction they're on. Ha! I keeeed!
  • Something Awesome on Nazjatar-A is looking for all classes, but especially a tank and a shaman/pally healer.
  • Illidan's Unemployed (server? faction?) just dropped the Prince, and are now looking for skilled Locks, Druids, Hunters, and Pallys.
  • Pharcyde of Azgalor wants to fill out their first Kara group, so if your main is 61+ and guildless, they want to hear from you.
  • Vanguards of Azeroth on Sargeras-A wants some healers, and they claim their healer spot is not cursed-- only one of them got hit by a drunk driver. I'm guessing that's like the Spinal Tap drummer gag, right?
  • Your Mother's a Horde on Dunemaul-H is LFM for a fun and casual player guild (PvP sometimes, but not always).
That's it for this week's GW. If you've got tips about drama, downings, or recruiting, send them off to plz kthx. Until next week, happy raiding!

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