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Halo ActionClix take shape, due in September

Justin McElroy

The Halo ActionClix series is going to be out this September and we've got some pics of everybody's favorite Spartan: Dude with a Battle Rifle. If you've never played a Clix game, it basically allows tiny versions of your favorite heroes to fight each other with math. (It's more fun than it sounds.) WizKids says this first series, which features characters from all three Halo games, is set to contain nearly 100 different pieces -- don't let the pictures worry you, we're confident at least one will look like Master Chief.

Ten bucks will get you four of the figures, four stat cards, two die and one start-up map, which seems like a pretty good deal until your dog gets hungry. Then it gets exponentially worse. Which character do you hope to get when you open up your first box?

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