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HTC Mogul to hit Sprint June 18?

Chris Ziegler

The HTC Mogul's (aka PPC-6800's) release date on Sprint has been about as solid as a Vista (or Leopard) beta; first we heard May (and we all know how that turned out), then we heard October -- now we're hearing June. Yeah, June '07, as in "this month." That's a nice little surprise, is it not? Of course, dates are always subject to change, but seeing how we're spying some official-looking material now touting June 18 as the date (with an EV-DO rev. A upgrade dropping this fall), it's promising. MSRP for the device clocks in at $549.99, with a two-year saving you $150 to bring it down to $399.99. As expected, Windows Mobile 6 is on board -- thank goodness -- though it appears that retail channels won't get it until nearly a month later on July 16. Until then, we guess the website's the way to go.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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