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NetNewsWire 3.0 now available

Scott McNulty

The NetNewsWire 3.0 beta is now over. That's right, RSS junkies, NNW 3.0 is now publicly available. I've been using NetNewsWire 3.0 since Macworld 2007, and it has really come together in the last few months. There are lots of new features, including:

  • Growl support
  • Spotlight integration
  • Twitterific support
  • A New UI
  • Performance enhancement (this sucker screams on Intel Macs)
  • Improved Tabbed browsing
  • Microformat support
That's just the tip of the iceberg in regards of to new features. Check out Newsgator's website for all the details.

NetNewsWire 3.0 is available now and costs $29.95. Upgrading is free, if you have the NewsGator Online Premium Package. NetNewsWire Lite, the free version of NNW, is still a work in progress.

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