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New Small Arms content releases tomorrow


Gastronaut Studios has announced that the new downloadable content for Small Arms will be released tomorrow on Xbox Live Marketplace. As we've detailed before, the new content contains 2 new levels and 2 new characters (though no new weapons, regrettably). The two new characters are Ivar, a saber-toothed tiger, and Gullarp, the elephant. The new maps are Arctic Ice Floe and Pillaged Village, the respective stomping grounds of Ivar and Gullarp. The new content also packs 2 new achievements for finishing Mission Mode with a new character and for hosting an Xbox Live match on a new map. The new content pack will be available for 250 MS Points.

Alongside the new content, Gastronaut Studios will also release a free update that will address certain issues within the game. Chief among these issues are weapon balance and bug fixes. Check out some shots of the new characters in our gallery below.


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