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Samsung brings joy of U600 to CDMA world

Chris Ziegler

Having recently toyed around with a SGH-U600 Ultra II, we can say with confidence that Samsung's gorgeous, high-style, high-function slider is a fabulous reason for the world's CDMA faithful to shed a tear -- or it was a fabulous reason, anyway, for the short time that it was a GSM exclusive. Enter the SCH-C220, SPH-C2200, and SPH-C2250, models for three of Korea's carriers that gladly trade in the U600's radio for CDMA with EV-DO. The cam gets busted down to 2 megapixels from 3.2, but in exchange, you get integrated GPS (a fair trade, we reckon). Other features include 96MB of internal storage, the requisite microSD expansion, and a QVGA display, all packed into a 10.9mm shell decidedly reminiscent of its GSM forebear. If you happen to be in Korea, pick this one up soon for around 500,000 won (about $540).

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