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Wokka wokka: First Pac-Man CE images, video


While Pac-Man Championship Edition may not be the big announcement we were hoping for, but it's still pretty spiffy in its own right. We've uncovered the first images of the game, and even a video of the game in motion. Put simply, this isn't your daddy's Pac-Man. It's damned close, but certainly different. The most obvious change is the new psychedelic graphics. The most important change, however, is that the game comes with several new modes and mazes. In our favorite mode, you have to eat fruit in order to make more dots appear on screen. Check out the Pac-Man CE gallery below. Hit the "read" link to see the official game page, where you can check out more screens and a video. So, will you purchase Pac-Man CE when it hits Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow?


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