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It came from the Blog: Invading Darkmoon Faire


It's been over a week since we last got together to play together in the It came from the Blog guild on Zangarmarsh realm -- which means it's high time to get together for another night of fun! If you'd like to join us, log on to Zangarmarsh realm tonight starting at 7:00 PM EST. (If you haven't gotten a guild invite yet, message any of us in-game. We're happy to invite you -- all you have to do is ask!) We'll be grouping up and making the long run from horde-lands to Elwynn Forest to check out the Darkmoon Faire. Yes, some of us may die along the way -- but that's just a sacrifice we have to be willing to make to get our fortunes told!

This week, you'll be hanging out with Mike Schramm (Mikril), Robin Torres (Robiness), Amanda Rivera (Moomandie), Krystalle Voecks (Krystalle), Daniel Howell (Sebboh), Matthew Porter (Matthius), Barb Dybwad (Brab), Christopher Grant of Joystiq, Dave Caolo (Ecarg) of TUAW, and Ryan Carter (Toastie) of Download Squad. And if you happen to stay around late (around midnight EST), you can also expect to run into Elizabeth Harper (Lizzie) and David Bowers (Davh).

Sound like fun? Join us tonight!

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