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New Small Arms DLC now available


Announced last week by Gastronaut Studios, the new downloadable content for Small Arms is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. The new content includes 2 new levels and 2 new characters. We tooled around with the new characters and levels today. The new levels are an especially welcome addition to the game, as the old ones have become somewhat tired over time. You can check out videos of the new levels and characters after the break. Also added to the game are 2 new achievements, which can obtained with very little work at all. Should you desire the new content, it will set you back a reasonable 250 MS Points.

An free update to the game has also been released, which includes game performance tweaks and bug fixes. The update also includes some much needed weapon balancing. In particular, we've noticed that the electricity gun's secondary fire has a much slower rate of fire. If you ever found yourself frustrated by the game's weapons, you might want to give it another go with the new update in place.

How about it fanboys, do you plan on picking up the new DLC?

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