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Onkyo's new DV-HD805 HD DVD player

Ben Drawbaugh

While Onkyo has been part of the HD DVD promotions group long as we can remember, Onkyo really hasn't done much. We've heard rumors about an HD DVD player from Onkyo for some time, and there was even a mention of it at CES this year. Our friends over at FormatWarCentral have discovered a few details that we find very interesting in an otherwise obscure Onkyo post on a UK site. Apparently, Onkyo expects to launch the DV-HD805 this autumn, and it will be based on the Toshiba HD-XA2 player -- with a few yet-to-be mentioned tweaks. We are excited to see another HD DVD player on the market, but we hope it's not just a re-badge of the HD-AX2. Before any format fanboys get too rabid, the Onkyo rep also mentioned that officially Onkyo supports both formats.

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