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Pre-Order Pushers explores retailer fibs

Justin McElroy

You're reading Joystiq, so you're probably used to knowing more than the guy on the other side of the counter at your local game store. You may have noticed a few times when they haven't been strictly honest with their spiel ... or strictly intelligent. Now instead of cursing the darkness you can allow yourself to vent at Pre-Order Pushers, created by Nathan Smart of The Game Rag fame with help from our own Kyle Orland (or Ky-Ky Baby as he's known in the office.)

There are already some real gems here. We're particularly smitten with the manager who, in the quest to get a Spider-Man 2 pre-order, told customers that the game was like a hybrid of GTA and KOTOR that allows you to punch pedestrians, fill up your evil meter, transform into Venom and infect people with your symbiote to have them fight for you. Yeah, Spider-Man 2.

If you're a game store clerk you may be tempted to get your dander up -- don't. They're not talking about you, they're talking about the bad ones. Just think of this as the spiritual counterbalance to Acts of Gord.

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