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RE4 on the Wii to be censored?


Sure, Resident Evil 4 may look the same on the Wii and GameCube, but it's contents weren't as uniform across its various regions of release. No, apparently the international version had the most violence and carnage in it, with the Japanese version receiving a trimming in that department. According to the latest This Week in Japan piece over at Next Generation, a "great portion of the blood and gore has been excised from the game," further adding that "headshots no longer kill, limbs can no longer be shot off."

Personally, we're wondering if the individual who wrote this up has a lot of experience with the original Japanese version of Resident Evil 4. Surely, a compare and contrast of the games is in order as we find ourselves confused as to whether the already-censored Japanese version of the game has become more censored in its transition to the Wii or if it's the original censoring in place.

[Via Joystiq]

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