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SiRFDiRect promises in-dash GPS accuracy for PNDs

Evan Blass

Continuing in its tradition of improving the accuracy of portable navigation devices while completely butchering the capitalization rules that we all hold so dear, San Jose-based SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. has announced a new, um, technology called SiRFDiRect that promises to offer the same low-signal prowess in your nuvi or ONE that's normally found in those overpriced in-dash units pushed by car salesmen. Using a combination of fancy-schmancy algorithms and so-called "dead reckoning" hardware sensors (Dead Reckoning, DiRect, get it?), properly-equipped products will be able to maintain a course even in the complete absence of a signal by using heading and acceleration data to fill in the blanks -- perfect for traveling under dense forest canopies or through the dreaded urban canyon (pictured). Engadget-regular Mio will be the first manufacturer to incorporate this new tech -- branded "Navisteadi" -- in its wares, with other models that use the GSC3e/LP and GSC3f/LP chip sets set to get their reckonin' on in the third quarter.

[Via Navigadget]

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