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This Wednesday: Prince of Persia remake pops onto XBLA


Ubisoft has told Eurogamer that June 13th's Xbox Live Arcade release will indeed be the revered and now revitalized royalty of platformers, Prince of Persia Classic. First glimpsed in April, the game looks to be a beautiful remake of the first landmark adventure, taking place well before all those "time is an ocean in a storm" shenanigans. As such, you should expect to swig potions, swing swords and plummet down extraordinarily deep chasms on a frequent basis as you attempt to rescue the Princess of Persia... or Posture, by the looks of it.

No announcement regarding the price has been made, but 800 MS points ($10) would be a fair guess. Funnily enough, the game's value is inversely proportional to your platforming prowess. Perhaps it's best you don't finish the adventure within the traditional one hour time limit. We'll update this post once we learn the final details.

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