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TUAW Predictions Roundup for WWDC '07

David Chartier
It's that time of season again, oh dear TUAW readers: the time just before a major Apple event when we TUAW bloggers look deep into our crystal balls to make both wild and sensible predictions as to what WWDC 07 might bring us next week. This time around we have a fairly rich selection of rumored products (like iMac updates) and updates we all thought we would see at Macworld 07 (iLife 07 anyone?).

Without further ado, and without any of that silly 'insider knowledge' tainting the perspective of our crystal balls, here are the predictions of some of our TUAW bloggers (in no particular order) for what WWDC 07 might bring us next week.

Dave Caolo
  • iLife 07
  • iWork 07
  • Both iLife and iWork integrated into Mac OS X package; no longer stand-alone purchases
  • Full disclosure of Mac OS X Leopard's secret features
  • Windows on the Mac becomes "insanely easy." Maybe even running right on top of Mac OS X - no need for Parallels or a Boot Camp reboot
  • New iMac

Michael Rose
  • The 'thinBook' finally shows up
  • Blu-Ray drives as a BTO option on all hardware
  • We get to see 'Finder3D' as Leopard makes a real bow
  • way, way left field: 'TouchFinder' gives iPhone UI to Mac OS X
  • .Mac supersize -- the Sync Services APIs opened up without .Mac subscription and the .Mac offering becomes an Apple-branded version of Google Apps Premier + iTunes online locker

Dan Lurie
  • Leopard full feature set
  • iPhone SDK
  • Maybe new Mac Pro's and Cinema Displays

Mat Lu
  • Dashcode for iPhone
  • Mac mini revised or canned
  • everyone disappointed with the "secret features" of Leopard

Victor Agreda Jr
  • .Mac has something to hide
  • Finder goes to Oz for a makeover
  • still a few Mac OS X Leopard secrets (October is forever away)
  • new iMacs
  • iPhone pipeline for 3rd party promised-- no details

Scott McNulty
  • New look for the Finder
  • Blu-ray in Mac Pros
  • iPhone will ship with some Apple approved 3rd party apps (other than Google Maps)
  • Lots of Leopard talk

David Chartier
  • iLife and iWork 07 are definitely a long time coming, but debuting them at the World Wide Developer's Conference just doesn't sound right to me. Our bloggers' idea to integrate them into Mac OS X (with a possible and slight price increase on retail boxes), however, sounds like a killer move
  • .Mac needs to debut some new features, allow more developer access and integration and offer less suck, especially since Jobs just admitted it's due for an overhaul
  • All of Mac OS X Leopard's secret features revealed. Vista has been finished and on the market for a few months, which means it's time for Apple to lay all their cards out on the table in order to catch as many customers as possible who are still on the fence between a new Vista PC and a Mac
  • The iPhone will be mentioned but it won't steal WWDC like it stole Macworld 07. Jobs will focus primarily on any incentives for developers Apple might have ready, like an official system for allowing 3rd party apps

And there you have it, TUAW's predictions for why your credit card might be crying for mercy by the end of next week (assuming that any announced products are available immediately, or at least ready for pre-order). Not surprisingly, it looks like iLife, iWork, Leopard and the iPhone are all in the lead, but left-field predictions like the thinBook are always fun to dream about, right?

As always, take these with a grain of salt. We're just having fun here, and none of us (at least to my knowledge) have any insider information of any kind. Feel free to discuss and have fun with your own predictions in the comments.

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