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Best Buy lawyer admits to altering documents in racketeering case


It looks like a fairly big shoe has dropped in the racketeering case against Best Buy and Microsoft, as a lawyer for the former company recently testified that he altered some documents before turning them over to plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The lawyer, Timothy Block, also said that no one else at either his law firm or at Best Buy were aware that he had changed the documents. As the AP reports, however, this follows complaints from the judge in the case that Best Buy has not been forthcoming with documents related to the lawsuit. The case itself, for those not up to speed, accuses Best Buy of signing up customers for MSN trial subscriptions without their knowledge, who then faced credit card charges after the trial period was over. For its part, Microsoft is being accused of allowing the practice to continue after it was aware of the problem. It doesn't look the case will be winding up anytime soon, however, as it's now been stayed while Best Buy tries to find some new outside counsel.

[Via Tech Dirt]

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