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Deal of the Day: Blu-Ray prices dropping fast thanks to web promotions

Jem Alexander

So we're in the midst of a game drought. No big deal. By a lucky coincidence the PS3 can also play Blu-Ray discs. Did you know that? Now, with a recently introduced "3 for 2" promotion at Amazon US and DVD Empire, getting your favourite films in High Definition has never been so cheap.

The list of films available in the promotion is limited to 34 of the less popular titles. Even so, there should still be some decent movies there worthy of your hard earned cash. Some of the more notable films include Casino Royale, Big Fish, Memento, Silent Hill and House of Flying Daggers. While it would have been nice to have seen Pirates of the Caribbean I & II in the mix, they seem to be selling well enough as it is.

Alternatively, you can save 20% on all Blu-Rays and DVDs over at by using the voucher code "USATODAY". With a combination of these two promotions, you'll never have to pay full price for a Blu-Ray disc again. Maybe.

[Update: Corrected wording. "3 for 2," not "2 for 1."]

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