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Getting to know you: The Microsoft E3 press questionnaire


One of the reasons blogs were invented was to pull away the curtain and show the reader, on some small level, what's really going on in the land of OZ. As journalists who were invited to E3 are digging their Nintendo invites out of the spam filter (yup, that's probably where it ended up), Microsoft's invitations to their briefing just arrived. No big deal, fill out the form per usual ... and then there's Step 3 of the registration. A gaggle of questions that are perfectly innocent, but just a little strange to be asked.

Wondering what they are? Check them out after the break.

Where are you staying?
(They have a list of really expensive hotels and then the option "other")

How are you planning on getting to the briefing?
Shuttle? Hadn't really thought about it. Camel ride might be nice.

Do you have any special needs?
You mean, other than the need for speed? No, not really. But thank you for asking.

Your Profile
What is your Gamertag?
(Yeah, totally not writing that here)

Who is your favorite musical artist?
Madonna, no, too gay. Um ... Abba? Tough question, don't know you very well. Argh, something butcher ... The Killers!

What is your favorite Xbox 360 game title?
If the titles Halo, Gears of War or Crackdown don't get written here will you get mad and pull this invite?

What is your Gamer High Score?
Well, don't want to brag, but it is quite big. Sadly, Xbox360Fanboy's is probably bigger. Now we feel inadequate. You had to ask that?

What is your Gamer Zone?
Recreation, is that an OK answer? Pro is just too angry and they say bad words in Underground.

What is your Gamer Motto?
If its got red rings, it must be a 360.

What is your favorite achievement?
Living past 25 ... not hiding in the closet anymore when a thunderstorm rolls in.

And there you have it, Step 3 in the Microsoft E3 press event registration. Strange questions asked to attend a press briefing. Should we be expecting an Abba gift basket on our seat, which will be labeled with our gamertag, and the people with the highest gamer scores sit at the front of the room? That would be amazing, we'd be total "super troupers"! How would you have answered the questions past the gamertag?

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