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LTB's Q-Bean creates wireless headphone / microphone link

Darren Murph

LTB Audio Systems has been doing this wireless headphone gig for quite some time, and while its products don't exactly appear as the most prestigious in the world, all's fair if it gets the job done. The firm's latest contraption, dubbed the Q-Bean, consists of a wired transceiver that plugs into your computer via USB and a wireless key fob-sized device that pumps out tunes to the connected headphones or earbuds sans wires. The system operates on the 2.4GHz band and LTB promises that the stream is completely uncompressed, and if the idea of cordless headphones weren't enough to sell you on it, it also includes a built-in microphone for Windows Live communication or other VoIP duties. Reportedly, users of Windows, OS X, and Linux won't be bothered to install any fancy drivers for this here apparatus to function as advertised, but it still seems a bit lackluster considering the $119.95 asking price.

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