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Mii Spotlight: Remember to send us those Miis!


Don't forget -- we've got two Mii requests for anyone who'd like to be in our weekly Mii Spotlight. Send us your ugliest Miis, the worst you can manage to make (funny is a bonus), and we also want reader Miis for a special edition Mii Spotlight. Don't be shy! Snap a few pictures and send them to us at mii at nintendowiifanboy dot com.

We'd also like to ask: what challenges would you like? Television show casts (old and new), or cult movie characters, or ... what? Suggest it and we'll see about making it happen. There was a suggestion around here about requesting Welcome Back, Kotter Miis, and that made us think maybe what we really need is Travolta-through-the-ages ... but we're not sure our Mii Plaza can handle a disco inferno turned hitman.

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