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New iMacs are / aren't coming to WWDC


Good news, folks, we have no idea what's going down on the hardware end at WWDC, leaving ample room for two of the heavy hitters in the Apple rumor industry to come out with completely contradictory reports on new iMacs next week. ThinkSecret is quite confident in new brushed aluminum iMacs, that neglect the 17-inch model and aim to reposition the iconic computer as more of a premium item, starting at $1500. AppleInsider generally agrees on the move to slowly kill off the 17-inch and slim down the iMacs, but is fairly sure we'll have to wait until later in the year for any of that to happen. We'd weigh in, but we're too busy placing bets on how long it'll take that developer beta of Leopard, which will be freely distributed at the show, to hit the interwebs.

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Update: ThinkSecret seems to be changing its tune a bit, saying that sources are confident in the plans for a release next week, but that schedules might've changed, pushing the release into the following weeks. Like we said, no idea what's going down.

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