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New Small Arms DLC now available on Live Marketplace


Remember when some of us thought Small Arms was destined to be "Smash Bros. with guns?" Oh, we can all alternate between the "L" and "O" keys about that now, but to be fair, it did have guns. And after downloading today's new Xbox Live content, it'll have two additional (and surely wacky) characters and two more combat arenas. The add-on will set you back 250 MS Points, which converts to a very awkward $3 and 12 and a half cents.

Those still playing Gastronaut Studios' frantic XBLA fighter will also receive a free update that sets right some of the game's weapon balancing, framerate hiccups and other issues that really shouldn't have taken six months to repair. And sadly enough, we're still getting better treatment here than we are with Assault Heroes and Sierra's shockingly overdue multiplayer patch.

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