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Shadowrun demo is up ... what do you think?

Justin McElroy

Now the floodgates have opened and -- after a brief delay -- everyone's able to get their hands on (some) of FASA Studios' sci-fi/fantasy FPS, Shadowrun, via the demo on Xbox Live. The 1.1 GB freebie gives you access to three of the training chapters, bot and online matches (on one of the maps) two races and a smattering of the tech and magic abilities available in the full game.

Our time with Shadowrun has proven it to be a compelling experience, but short-lived if you're not the sort who likes to really dig deep and explore how different weapon/ability/magic combos work together. It's a stance plenty of reviewers seem to share, but we're curious what you're thinking. Everything may be peaches and lemonade in the free demo, but is the sort of experience you'd spend $60 on?

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