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Sharp's WS011SH: nothing like Microsoft's leak, but still cool

Chris Ziegler

So the Sharp device we thought Microsoft had accidentally leaked a day early yesterday actually looks nothing -- and we mean nothing -- like the actual handset, though what they ended up unveiling is still crazy cool. The Sharp WS011SH Advanced/W-ZERO3 [es], which we believe may be the most complicated name for a phone ever conceived, is the latest in a line of Windows Mobile-sportin' phones for Japan's Willcom; like its predecessors, the WS011SH doesn't disappoint, packing in Windows Mobile 6 Classic, numeric and slide-out QWERTY keypads, a 3-inch wide VGA display, WiFi, and 256MB of onboard storage with microSD expansion. And, oh yeah, it's only 50mm wide and 17.9mm thick. Willcom customers: we hate you (not really, it's just our extreme jealousy talking).

[Via the::unwired]

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