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Show and Tell: Show off your stuff


If you're here, then it's pretty likely that you own some sort of gaming gear ... and some of you are probably masters of epic gaming collections, the sight of which would burn our retinas to ash. While we're not really coming out in favor of melted eyeballs here, we are in fact big fans of playing show and tell with our gaming stuff, and we want to see yours. T-shirts, plush armies, special gaming area, stacks and stacks of NES carts, or just a staggering pile of DS games -- whatever it is, we want you to show us. So if you have anything special that you've just been dying to rub in our faces show everyone, then this weekly spotlight is for you. Yes, you can even show us your Pokemans.

So you want to be featured on DS Fanboy? Here's what you do: take a picture or two (we prefer that they not be blurry) and send the lot to showmeit at dsfanboy dot com. Each week, we'll select someone's gaming gear and talk about it right here on the Fanboy. Pretty much anything gaming-related is fair game, but we do ask that you keep it clean. You know. For the children.

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