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Wii to be the death of the hardcore gamer?


Tyler Bleszinski, the brother of Cliffy B. (he made some game about some gears and war or something), isn't all that jazzed about the direction the Wii is taking the industry. He feels that the Wii's success could cause the eradication of the "hardcore gamer." Of course, we aren't inclined to agree.

Sure, maybe the success of the Wii would make the young male "hardcore gamer" demographic smaller, but isn't the goal of expanding the market to include more overall better for the industry? Sure, things are fine the way they are, publishers are making money and all, but shouldn't we always be striving to improve? Nintendo is, and that's why we love them.

We do agree with him about the need for less minigame compilations, though.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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