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BioShock blowout: brace for massive spoilers

Jared Rea

How much do you think exclusive footage of BioShock is worth? Wait just one moment before you answer: not only do you get a special episode of The 1UP Show, dedicated to Irrational Games' soon to be classic, but an in-depth preview, rich in details and spoilers. Now how much do you think this incredible package is worth?

Don't answer! Because not only are you getting the preview -- a Matt Leone certified classic at that -- the behind-the-scenes video, but can you believe it? Direct feed video of the captured footage, made available seperately as well! Not only that, but we're hiding it behind the cut so that you don't have to sit through those terribly obtrusive ads!

Now then, how much do you think this package costs? Five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars? Even more? No, of course not! It's free! Yes, that's right! It's absolutely free! It's a venerable veritable orgy BioShock goodness and it's yours, here, on the Internet! Hurry and download it all today!

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