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Broken Pixels plays the field with Cho Aniki and Hooters Road Trip

Jared Rea

The latest episode of 1UP's Broken Pixels isn't only the most hilarious since the Asia Kong incident, but it's also not suitable for work, children or any small pets that may be in the vicinity. That said, the motley crew of Shane, Crispin and Seanbaby take on some of the finest pieces of work yet.

And by finest, we of course mean the burly men of Cho Aniki (SNES) and the endearingly air-headed waitresses of Hooters Road Trip (PC). Most of us know Cho Aniki as the most homoerotic shooter to ever grace the planet, but if you haven't seen the fighting spin-off then you are in for one sexy little treat. The top-tier display put on by the boys has us wondering why we haven't seen this at an EVO World Championship yet.

Hooters Road Trip, on the other hand, isn't as campy as it is a positively horrid title. It must have been their punishment for getting to enjoy a bit of Cho Aniki because as Shane puts it, "This [Cho Aniki] may be the best game we've ever played."

Again, the video is definitely not safe for work and let's try and keep the discussion clean. If you don't understand what it means to be tongue-in-cheek, then we'll pretend to not understand the concept of mercy when it comes to dropping the ban hammer. Enjoy!

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