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Cha-Ching 1.0.3 released with better performance, searching and download support

David Chartier
Cha-Ching, the streamlined money manager that aims to put the fun back finances, has made a minor update to v1.0.3 with some truly useful new features and fixes. At the top of the list is a database migration to Mac OS X's built-in SQLite to boost performance, as well as search enhancements for using multiple tags and searching both To and From fields, but that's not all. Included in the update are:

  • OFX and QFX support added
  • Can now sort transactions in Print Panel
  • Printing now uses already filtered list of transactions
  • Source pane can now be expanded much more

The update can be had either by running Cha-Ching (chose Check for Updates from the app menu if it doesn't check automatically), or by heading over to the Midnight Apps site.

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