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Mega Man mobile mayhem


Insert Credit reports that Japanese mobile phones are able to download the original Mega Man (Rock Man to the Japanese). The game has apparently had its difficulty readjusted "so that the new age kids won't throw their phones in frustration." They believe a different version is hitting the US currently. Has anybody seen it, how does it play?

It's a good thing to see mobile games moving beyond Tetris clones, even though the Tetris and Bejeweled games still make the most money. One of the more eye-roll inducing moments was Square-Enix's (along with many other publishers) focus on mobile games two E3s ago. Thankfully, Nintendo DS and PSP sales redirected focus. As much as getting Mega Man or Final Fantasy on a mobile phone sounds nice, focusing on making "real" versions for the Nintendo DS and PSP sounds like a better thing for gamers -- or, at least, less obnoxious.

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