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60 reasons to own a PSP: part 1


Update: To read the entire feature so far, click the image above.
Oh, how I love thee PSP. Let me count the ways ... 60 ways, in fact. One of our readers, TCLCloud, has given us a list of 60 fantastic reasons to own a PSP system. With all of these features in mind, can anyone possibly deny the fact that the PSP is one of the greatest systems ever created? Let's begin the list:

1. The Games
People used to say that the PSP had no good games. Obviously, that's no longer the case. The library features some real gems, such as Lumines, Wipeout, Grand Theft Auto, and Tekken: Dark Resurrection. It also has some new favorites, such as Crush. Of course, if the library isn't expansive enough, a quick look down the horizon reveals a plethora of Final Fantasy titles, a new God of War, Syphon Filter, Castlevania, Silent Hill, and more.

2. PSone classics
With a PS3, we're able to download and play some great PS1 classics. The service has been slow to start, but with the advent of the PSP Store later this year, we're confident that even more great games are going to come out.

3. Downloadable demos
Who doesn't like playing games ... especially when they're free? The PSP has dozens of free demos, many of which are collected right here on PSP Fanboy.


4. Great homebrew games
Titles like Pollo Pollo and Hexaxis showcase some of the amazing talents of the PSP homebrew community. Upcoming titles like No Gravity show an unstoppable momentum for this underground movement.

5. Play Flash games on the go
Love a Flash game on the web? The PSP can play that as well. In fact, some developers have even created Flash games specifically for PSP's widescreen.

Wow, we're only done with the first five reasons why you should own a PSP. There are 55 more to come. Stay tuned.

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