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iPhone sales training materials leaked


If you want to know how the AT&T sales folk will respond when you object to the iPhone's lack of GPS or 8GB storage cap, well, wonder no longer. MacRumors has posted scans of the entire iPhone Sales Training workbook that AT&T is using to bring the cell salesforce up to speed. Plenty of interesting tidbits, including some answers on a few items:

  • No IM on the iPhone at launch, SMS only for text messaging
  • Simultaneous voice use and email/Web connections requires WiFi
  • Bookmarks in iPhone Safari will sync back to your computer
  • Weather & Stocks are the only Widgets mentioned in the training materials
Of course, the first page of the manual does note that there may be additional features announced at launch, so we won't have the full picture until June 29. On a side note, does the context-sensitive touchscreen UI of the iPhone remind anyone else of the concept behind the LCARS interface? Perhaps Michael Okuda should be looking for a piece of the action.

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