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MSI releases the GX600 gaming laptop and GX700...for the ladies

Nilay Patel

Bringing back some of that 80's flair, MSI is showing off their GX600 gaming laptop at Computex. The black 15-incher is normally clocked at 2.1GHz, but hitting the 386-style Turbo button overclocks the Core 2 Duo to 2.6GHz. Apart from that, it's the usual Santa Rosa action: 800MHz bus, 802.11n, webcam, 512MB GeForce Go 8600M GT, and HDMI out. The GX600 also has some chintzy flame graphics, but they look positively half-hearted next to the GX700 MSI's also got at Computex: we saw this 17-incher back in January, but MSI has decided to throw a "feminine" mural on the lid. MSI's been experimenting with strange cases for a while, and we gotta say, it's not working for you, guys. Check the turbo button in action after the break.

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