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Talismoon unveils second generation tiltBoard 360

Darren Murph

It's honestly not too often that these homegrown DIY efforts actually end up going big, but just as it was predicted, the tiltBoard 360 is legit. Talismoon has officially released the second generation of the tilt sensitivity add-in for the Xbox 360 controller, which is supposedly "easier to use" than Sony's SIXAXIS. The board comes pre-loaded with tiltTune technology, which purportedly allows gamers to adjust the tilt sensitivity, tweak the 0-degree point, invert the Y-axis, and even deactivate the tilt feature if you should desire. Unfortunately, this iteration is still not a simple drop-in mod, as you'll be busting out the soldering iron for no fewer than seven wires. Still, for those not afraid to their hands dirty, the next-gen tiltBoard 360 will be shipping later this month.

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