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An AppleScript for automatically opening WWDC '07 news sites

David Chartier

While we unfortunately won't have anyone liveblogging Steve Jobs' WWDC '07 keynote tomorrow morning, that doesn't mean we won't help you track down who will. Nik Fletcher has created an AppleScript that will automatically open nine - count 'em, nine - news sites and blogs that will be covering tomorrow's keynote and the rest of the WWDC 07 events in separate tabs of your default browser. He even includes a quick tip for those using Safari who haven't enabled tabbed browsing since - even still on 10.4 Tiger - Apple hasn't switched on this revolutionary feature by default.

The nine sites Nik included in the AppleScript are as follows:

  • Engadget
  • MacRumors Live
  • MacDailyNews (sigh, I know, but hey)
  • AppleGazette
  • Ars Technica
  • Gizmodo
  • Slashgear
  • LoopRumors
  • Apple Matters
Of course, I link Nik's script with a bit of advice: be kind to these sites. The more we all furiously pound that refresh button on any site covering such a major event, the more likely the site is to buckle under insane traffic and stop being able to serve up the very news you're looking for. Be sure to read up on how each site is running the show and abide by their rules so we all can join in on the party, even if we have to watch from far away.

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