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The disappearing Hunter pet skill trick!

Amanda Rivera

The other day a friend of mine went through what we initially thought was a weird bug not unlike what happened to Trappa and Craig. When he logged on to play his hunter, he found that the Scorpid Poison Rank 5 skill from his pet had vanished. Oh no, he thought, something is definitely weird and filed a ticket with the GMs. He had tamed his level 51 scorpid the day before, only to have the skill disappear the next time he summoned his pet.

After some clarification from the GMs and some research on his own, he found out that the talent was too high for him and his scorpid, and so was removed because of his being level 55, not because of a bug. So why did the level 51 scorpid have a skill that is labeled as having a minimum level of 64 he asked? Good question. No answer from the GMs.

My hunter is young, and I admit that I have set her aside for now to focus on my other characters, but this still seems wrong to me somehow. I don't see the logic in having a skill on the tamable beast that ends up being too high for you once you tame said animal. Help me out here. Is this really as great an inconsistency as it seems, or am I missing some piece of the puzzle that will make it all clear to me? Have you found any gaps in the pet skills like this elsewhere in the game?

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