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Eleksen intros FM Radio, iPod, and Bluetooth smart fabric modules

Darren Murph

Eleksen's newest "Common Interface" technology doesn't do you much good without modules to interact with it, so the company has introduced a bevy of accessories that play nice with the next-generation embeddable ElekTex sensor. Up first is an FM radio add-on, which offers consumers access to FM broadcasts either from a commercial radio station or FM transmitter, and is fully controlled by an ElekTex fabric sensor integrated into any garment or knapsack. Next up, we've got "updated electronics modules for iPod and iPod+Bluetooth devices," and while details are certainly slimmer on this one, we do know that the sensor is "programmable and compatible with a range of electronics including iPods, smartphones and other personal digital devices." Now, let's see some end products with this stuff in it, capiche?

Read - Eleksen's FM Radio module
Read - Eleksen's iPod, Bluetooth modules

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