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Kinyo DS-350 speakers play music off your USB stick


From the "why aren't more companies doing this?" department comes Kinyo's DS-350 USB flash disk drive speaker, which can play MP3s and WMAs from USB flash drives, despite being in an enclosure the size of an average MP3 player dock. This particular example is a rather unimpressive one, being that the USB port's location means your stick will jut out, the speakers are only rated at 2 Watts total output, and it runs off 4 AA batteries (yuck!). Anyway, it's still nice to see companies come out with gadgets that give the owner a little more choice about what they can plug in: the DS-350 is shipping now for around $40, so if you're looking to give your flash drive a tinny soundtrack, then go ahead and snap one up.

[Via Chipchick]

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