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WoW Insider on the Xfire Debate Club


Once again, WoW Insider has been asked to participate in the Xfire Debate Club on June 19th at 6 pm EST. The subject will be the best and worst classes in WoW in both PvE and PvP. I'll be moderating the debate this time around. Previously, Mike Schramm has debated and moderated with Xfire, but he's hiding from Kungen in the Witness Protection Program busy with work.

This club's panel guests include Skosiris, the chief architect of Wowhead; Mek, a guild master and raid leader from Curse; Teza, the man behind Worldofraids; Ming, the infamous rogue theorycrafter; and Zeksy, Tiz and Nuvas, who are all members of the top arena teams in the US and Europe. And as always, everyone can participate in the open floor debate, and we'll be taking questions from the floor for the guest panel.

So if you have strong views on class balance, would like to hear the opinions of PVE and PVP leaders, or simply want to see me get utterly owned by Ming, check out the Debate Club page. I'd also like to hear some ideas for questions to ask the panelists, so if you've got a question in mind, put it in the comments!

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