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Flickr Find: Preview in Leopard


TUAW reader Dave Lettice found this shot one in one of Apple's new Preview. He grabbed a screen and uploaded it to Flickr. To make sure we were actually looking at Preview, he checked the menu bar and the dock--as you can see with the Flickr notations he added.

In this shot, you can see a teeny tiny version of the new Preview tools which from left to right appear to be Previous and Next arrows, Zoom out and in buttons, a trio of button that I can't read but which seem to be labeled "M-something", "Text" and "Select", a colorful drop-down menu labeled with a word starting with A, a "Mark Up" menu, an Inspector, a Search field (good for those PDFs!) and a button to reveal/hide the sidebar. Feel free to Zapruder further for those items that I couldn't read or just got wrong.

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