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HBO to go HD on all 26 of their channels

Ben Drawbaugh

Currently only two of HBO's channels are available in HD: HBO and Cinemax (they count both East and West as one). But today HBO's CEO Bill Nelson announced that HBO will upgrade all 26 of their channels to HD. They would also like to upgrade their video-on-demand service, but cite "copy-protection concerns relating to older HDTV sets." We're guessing he's referring to concerns about using "selectable output control," which could cause component outputs to be downconverted. The next obvious question is, who's going to carry all these new HD channels? And once again DirecTV is the only provider who has already announced carriage, but unfortunately they will only carry 10 of them. The new channels will start to roll out later this year, and all 26 are due by the end of Q2 2008.

Full list after the break.

HBO Branded Channels/Feeds Cinemax Branded Channels/Feeds

HBO (East/West) Cinemax (East/West)

HBO2 (East/West) MoreMAX (East/West)

HBO Signature (East/West) ActionMAX (East/West)

HBO Comedy (East/West) ThrillerMAX (East/West)

HBO Family (East/West) WMAX (East)

HBO Zone (East/West) @MAX (East)

HBO Latino (East/West) 5StarMAX (East)

OuterMAX. (East)

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