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Mega 64 to host premiere screening in San Diego

Justin McElroy

It seems like those kids from Mega64 are all grown up. Just a few scant years ago they were pretending to be Mario and Luigi and harassing innocent people on the street. Now ... well, they're still doing that, but now they do it with Shigeru Miyamoto looking on and they get to show the results in an actual, fancy theater. Oh, and they look sexy doing it.

Their first-ever theatrical showing is set for Friday July 27 (during the San Diego Comic Con) at the La Jolla Village Theater. They'll be showing off some random bits, but the main feature is premiere of the first two episodes of Version 3, the third season of their show. More info (including how to purchase the $10 tickets) is available here. Also announced: Mega64 Time!, a two-disc collection of random bits and every video game ad the guys have ever made, which will be available the same weekend as the premiere. You see that? It's their first synergistic marketing! God, they grow up so fast.

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