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Moneual Inovy desktops spice it up in six colors

Nilay Patel

Seeing as the last time we heard from HTPC-manufacturer Moneual it was pimping the million-dollar Jewelry PC, the $695 base pricetag on its new Inovy series of desktops seems downright frugal. The machines, available in six colors, feature liquid-cooled 64-bit dual-core Athlon 4400+ processors, integrated NVIDIA 6100 graphics, 1GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, and a vertically-mounted dual-layer DVD burner that adds a little flair into loading your optical media. No word on where any other ports or bays might be located, but seeing as the Inovy tech specs boast of a 2.88MB "floopy" drive port, our guess is that the company is still locking some things down. Moneual says the units were available as of June 1 and are only being manufactured in runs of 1,000 for each color, so those looking to bring a little glitz to their living rooms had better hurry.

[Via ChipChick]

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